Managing your customer’s domain name

Punktum dk gives registrars the option to manage a customer’s .dk domain name if the customer would prefer this. This will relieve the customer of much of the administrative burden.

It is optional for a registrar to implement the new registrar model and offer its customers this service. It will still be possible to use the current model where customers themselves manage the administration of their .dk domain names.

You can read more in the following about how the two models – registrar management and registrant management – differ.

Registrar management

The new registrar model helps you help your customers with the administration of their .dk domain names.

You will be able to offer your customers portfolio management, where several domain names from several different TLDs are managed in the same interface and flow. For instance, the customer can simply choose to collect payments to the registrar for all domain names on one invoice – both in the first year of registration and in all subsequent years.

This makes it very easy for you to help your customers directly and gives you excellent potential for increasing the volume of business related to .dk domain names.

The new registrar model makes the registrar responsible for performing the following tasks on behalf of the customer:

  • Paying the customer's invoice including reopening
  • Changing the customer's contact details, that are not register-locked
  • Manage the domain name's name server setup
  • Cancelling the customer's domain name

If you wish to offer your customers this service, you must meet a range of requirements and, most important of all, the customer must actively consent to the registrar’s management of the domain name.

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Registrar management

Here you can see which requirements must be met.

We would be happy to discuss the new registrar model with you, and you are always welcome to arrange a meeting or ask us to call.