Registrar account at Punktum dk

In order to manage .dk-domains, all registrars must have an account with Punktum dk.

All of the registrar’s purchases from Punktum dk will be deducted from the registrar’s account. The account must therefore always be in credit.

You will be able to top up your account via your bank or online via the portal.

Any previously paid deposits can be transferred to the registrar account. We will announce the procedure for this at a later date.


You can set notifications to inform you of the balance on your account, in order to ensure that your account is always in credit.

1.    Notification at DKK 10,000 or less
2.    Notification at DKK 5,000 or less
3.    Critical notification at DKK 0,00 or less (purchases no longer possible)

Prepaid alerts



Invoices are issued at the beginning of each month and correspond to the registrar’s expenditure during the previous month.

Credit balance

The registrar must ensure that the registrar account is always in credit. If the account is not in credit, the registrar will not be able to register new domain names before there are sufficient funds on the account.

Punktum dk will continue to allow renewal of domain names for the registrar’s existing customers. Domain names are renewed at the registrar’s expense, and the registrar has 15 days from the date when the account was in debit to deposit the amount owing.

If the account is not in credit after the 15 days, Punktum dk is entitled to terminate the contract with the registrar.

Example of a statement of account

Example of a statement of account


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