How do I change my contact information?

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If you wish to edit the contact information related to your user ID please use the section "MY PROFILE" in our self-service.

Step 1

Select "MY PROFILE" in the upper right corner of our self-service.

Step 2

Press the button "Edit" below the specific section to change the address, phone number or email address.

Step 3

If you edit your email address you must confirm the change via a link we send to the new email address. The title of the email is "Confirm update of primary email address" or "Confirm update of secondary email address".

PLEASE NOTE! If you cannot edit your address on our self-service is it because your contact information is locked and validated towards the Danish CVR- or CPR-register. If you move, we automatically update your address. If your address is not correct in our system, you must therefore change it in the CVR- or CPR-register.

If you wish to change the name or company name you must transfer the domain name. You can see a guide under "How do I transfer a domain name?".