What is the difference between a registrant, proxy and payer?

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Once you have registered a .dk domain name, you are the registrant of the domain name. It is you who entered into the agreement with us, and you therefore have the right to use it. This includes an annual fee to keep the user-rights. As a registrant, you can make all corrections regarding the domain name on our online self-service.


The registrant may authorize another person or company to perform actions regarding the domain name. This role is called proxy and will be assigned a separate user ID.

The proxy can handle the following: Changing name servers, DNSSEC, creating nameservers on the domain name, changing the registration period for a domain name and change the payer role.

Some actions initiated by the agent must be approved by the registrant. This applies, for example, to transfer or termination of the domain name.


The registrant may pass on the payment of the domain name to another person or company. This role is called payer and will be assigned a separate user ID.

The payer cannot perform actions other than paying for the domain name.


The registrant can manage and register roles via login to our self-service under "Domain names".

If your domain name is registrar managed, you cannot administrate roles. You can read more about registrar management here.