Where can I complain about website content?

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The nature of the complaint determines where you can complain about the content of a website. 

  • If a website is being used for fraud or other forms of crime, you must report the site to the police. Click here to see how to file a report on the website of the Danish police.  
  • There are three specific situations in which the Terms and conditions for the right to use a .dk-domain name authorise Punktum dk to take a domain name away from the registrant on the basis of how the domain name is used. They are 1. Typosquatting, 2. In the event of a clear risk of economic crime or phishing/malware, and 3. In the event of clearly illegal actions that violate significant security or public interests. You can find more detailed information about this here and about how to send a complaint to us.
  • A complaint about use of a .dk domain name for Domain Name Warehousing or use inconsistent with Good Domain Name Practice may be brought before the Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names. Read more about the Complaints Board at www.domaeneklager.dk.
  • You can always choose to bring a dispute about website content before the ordinary courts.

You can find more detailed information about your rights of appeal here.