Why do I have several different user IDs?

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When you register a new .dk domain name, you can inform your registrar about the user ID you already have. If you do not inform the registrar, a new user ID will automatically be created every time you register a new .dk domain name.

If you have several user IDs registered with exactly the same contact details, you can merge these into a single user ID on our self-service portal.

In order to merch your user IDs, you must first ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • The profiles must be registered with 100% identical information. This means that the phone number, address and e-mail must be exactly the same on all profiles. You can check all of this under "my profile" when you are logged in to the self-service.
  • All invoices must be paid on all profiles.
  • The profiles must not be registrar managed by your provider.


Once you have ensured that the information above is corrected, you must do the following:

Step 1. Log in to the profile you want your profiles to be merched on

Step 2. Click on "my profile" inside the self-service

Step 3. Under the menu item "manage profile" click on "Merch user ID"


Is your domain registrar managed?

It is not possible to merch your user-id's yourself if you are registrar managed. You must contact your registrar so they can merch your user-id for you.

You can read more about registrar management here