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Guides og vejledninger for forhandlere

Her finder du guides til forhandler-funktioner hos Punktum dk. Alle guides er på engelsk.

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Opsætning af default modtager af EPP poll messages Default recipient of EPP poll messages
Opsætning af kontonotifikationer Prepaid Alert Guide - Registrar Portal
Implementering af metode 1 og 2 Implementeringsguide til forhandling af .dk

FAQ om forhandlerportalen

This is a guide on how to administrate portal users on the registrar portal. The function can benefit the usage on the registrar portal, because the different users roles can be setup to match the individual users needs.

It is only portal users with the role Administrator that can administrate portal users.

Please follow the steps below: 

1. Log on to the registrar portal. If the user don´t have the Administrator role, an update is required. 

2. Click on the ADMINISTRATION and choose Portal users

FAQ Portal users_1

3a. Create a new user: 

Click on ADD USER and setup the new users name, e-mail and roles.

 FAQ Portal users_2

3b. Edit an existing user:

Click on Edit under Existing user and update the name, e-mail and roles.

 FAQ Portal users_3


This is a guide on how to change  the default registration settings when ordering a .dk domain name.​

You can choose between two settings Registrar or Registrant managed and auto-renewal or auto-expire.

Registrar or Registrant managed

Registrar management, the domain name is managed by and through you.​
Registrant management, the domain name is managed by the registrant through Punktum dk.​

Auto-renewal or Auto-expire

Auto-renewal, the domain name is renewed automatically at expiration.​
Auto-expire, the domain name need to be extended manually before expiration, to avoid suspension. ​​

In order to change the settings the user/users in the registrar portal must have the role Administrator​.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Log on to the registrar portal 


FAQ registration settings 1

3. Under ADMINISTRATION you choose Contact information.

FAQ registration settings 2

4. At the bottom of the next page you will see the option box Registration settings. Click on Edit​

FAQ registration settings 3


5. Here you have the option to change the Registration settings.​

FAQ registration settings 4

This is a guide describing how to link a registrant handle to your registrar portal. The benefit of doing it is to move all of the administrative function normally performed through our normal self-service to the registrar portal.​

One of the biggest reasons to link a registrant handle to the registrar portal is if you have a set of name servers you wish to use through your registrar agreement. If the name server handle is linked to the registrar portal, the name servers can be managed through the registrar portal.​

When a handle has been linked to the registrar portal it is not possible to log on to our normal self-service.​

1. Log on the registrar portal

2. The portal user must have the role Administrator​. If the portal have the correct role you click on ADMINISTATION​. Then click the option Linked Whois handles.

FAQ linked whois handles_1

2.  A view appears of the already linked Whois handles with different informations:​ The handle/handles is showcased with the different roles, domain names and name servers on each handle/handles.​

Click on the domain names and name servers to see which specific domain names and nameservers is listed.

FAQ Linked whois handles_2

3. By clicking on Linked WHOIS handles you will see a list of all actives handles you can link to your registrar portal. ​If no handles appear it means that there are no active handles you can link.​

You can only link handles with the exact same contact informations as on your registrar handle (name,adress, CVR-nr./Vat-number etc.)​

You can also create a new handle to link on your registrar portal through the option CREATE HANDLE.​

4.  After you have linked a handle to your registrar portal you need to check if you have the role Name server manager which is required to have in order to change name servers on a domain name​

In order to do so you need to click on My profile, choose the role Name server manager and click on Save​. It can take up to 5 minuts before the role will be added on the portal user.​

FAQ linked whois handles_3

FAQ linked whois handle_4

This is a guide on how to change name servers on a domain through the registrar portal.​ ​You can only do this, if the domain name is registrar management by you.​

It is only the portal users with the roles Name server manager and proxy that can change name servers on a domain name.​ It is also a requirement that a name server handle has been linked to the registrar portal. ​

For more informations and guide regarding these requirements, you can see the guide "Linked Whois handles on the registrar portal"​ 

1. Log on to the registrar portal. The portal user must have the role Name server manager and proxy.

2. If the portal have the correct role you need to click on WHOIS SEARCH

FAQ name server change_1

3. Under Whois search you can search domain names, name servers or Whois handles.​

Enter the domain name under the search filter DOMAIN NAMES which you want to change name servers on. Click on the domain name.

FAQ name server change_2

4. You now have an overview of the registration data for the specific domain name.​

Under Manage domain name there will be listed all the allowed changes to the domain name through the portal user. Click on Change name servers

FAQ name server change_3

5. You will have an overview of the current attached name servers on the domain name.​

You can enter one of the new name servers in the field Primary name server and click on validate.​

If the name server is validated you will be able to click on CONFIRM after which the change of name servers will accour.

FAQ name server change_4

This is a guide on how to register a .dk domain name in the registrar portal.​

It is only the portal user/users with the attached role Registrar that can register a .dk domain name.

Follow the steps below:

1. Log on to the registrar portal. ​

If the user don´t have the Registrar role, an update is required.

2. Click on the WHOIS SEARCH and choose ​Portal users

FAQ Registration_1

3. Under Domain name operations click on Register domain name

FAQ Registration_2

4. On the Registration site you can choose the setup of the domain name registration.​ Information will be automatically entered from your registration settings.

FAQ Registration_3

Please notice, that it is only possible to register a domain name with auto-expire if the Management is set to Registrar management. ​All domain names under Registrant management can only be set to Auto-renewal.​

5. On the same Registration site you can set the date and time for approval of Punktum dk’s agreement. Click on Apply for the domain registration to go through.

FAQ Registration_4

This is a guide on how to create a whois handle in the registrar portal.​

​It is only a portal user with the attached role Registrar that can create a whois handle.

1. Log on the registrar portal . Choose WHOIS SEARCH

faq whois handle 1

2. Under Domain name operations, ​click Create WHOIS handle.

faq whois handle 2

3. You are now on Create contact and you can choose the setup of the handle.

faq whois handle 3

4. You can now fill out the contact information and click on CONTINUE.

faq whois handle 5

5. Please review the contact information and click on CONFIRM to create the handle.

faq whois handle 5

This is a guide on how to restore a domain name which has been suspended due to a missing payment or auto expire.​

​Please notice:

  • It is only portal users with the attached roles Registrar or Registrant that can restore a domain name.​

  • You can only restore domain names, that are managed by you as a registrar, or where you are set as payer.​

  • The restoration doesn’t affects domain names which have been suspended due to failed ID check.​

1. Log on the registrar portal. If you have the correct role you can click on WHOIS search.

faq restortion 1

2. Under WHOIS search you can search on domain names, name servers or Whois handles.​ Enter the domain name under the search filter Domain name which you want to restore. Click on the domain name.

faq restortion 2

3. You see an overview of the registration data for the specific domain name​. Down in the right side there will be listed all the allowed changes to the domain name for this portal user.​ Click on Restore domain name under Manage domain name.

faq restortion 4

This is a guide on how to manage DNSSEC on domain names which are under your registrar management or is registered on your name servers.​

Please notice:​

  • It is only portal users with the attached role Name server manager that can manage DNSSEC on a domain name.​
  • The name server handle needs to be linked to the registrar portal, if the domain names isn’t under registrar management.

1. Log on the registrar portal. If you have the correct role, clik on Whois search.

faq DNSSEC 1

2. Under Whois search you can search on domain names, name servers or whois handles.​ Enter the domain name under the search filter Domain names on which you want to manage DNSSEC for.​

Click on the domain name.

faq dnssec 2

3. You now have a overview of the registration data for the specific domain name​. In the left middle side there will be listed all the allowed changes regarding the domain names DNS settings.​

Click on DNSSEC service.

faq dnssec 3

4. If the domain name already has a DNSSEC key attached it will be displaced and you can perform a change by clicking on Manage​.​

You will then be given the options:​ Delete DNSSEC key(s), Add DNSSEC key or Import DNSSEC key(s)

faq dnssec 4

This is a guide on how to select/deselect the roles of the portal users on the registrar portal.​ The roles define what actions and functions a portral user has. It is a tool if there is different people who needs to log on the registrar portal but not necessarily perform the same functions. ​

It is only users with the role Administrator which can add and remove roles under My profile and change the settings of the specific user/users.

1. Log on the registrar portal. ​If you have the correct role click on the MY PROFILE.

faq admin roles 1

2. Under MY PROFILE you will have the option to change the name and e-mail of the user.​ You can also change the users password to the registrar portal and add two-factor authentication.​

The different roles can be added and removed. Click on Save.​

faq admin roles 2

Administrator: The role gives the portal user access ​to perform functions on behalf of the WHOIS handles that holds the roles. The WHOIS handle must be linked to the registrar group for the portal user to inherit the privileges. The administrator role excluded, this gives access to manage the registrar group, the portal and its users.​

Registrar: The role gives the portal user access to change contact informations on the registrant user-id of the domain names which are under registrar management.​

Registrant: The role gives the portal user the rights to make changes accordingly to any registrant if a domain such as renew, transfer, change name server etc.​
Due note that some functions also demands other roles beside this such as the name server role in order to change name servers.​

Proxy: The role gives the portal user access to perform changes according to a normal proxy user. It is recommended that all users has this role selected.​

Payer: The role gives the portal user access to see the option Account and all the different option in this category.​

Name server manager: The role gives the portal user the rights to change name servers together with the role Proxy. However, in order to be able to change name servers there must be linked a name server handle to the registrar portal with minimum 2 name servers.



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