Additional services

In addition to domain names, we offer a number of other services. Some are available to everyone, while others are linked to the registration of a .dk domain, which you handle yourself.

Public services

Search all .dk domains in WHOIS

We offer what is called a whois service, where you can look up all registered .dk domain names.

When posting, the following information about the domain name is displayed:

  • Whether the domain is active or not.
  • creation date
  • Name and contact information of the registrant
  • Associated Name Servers

The service is public, but if a registrant has name and address protection, name and contact information will not be displayed.

Waiting list for a domain

Every year there are domain names that are not renewed - often because they are no longer being used. You can put yourself on the waiting list for a specific domain name so you don't miss the opportunity when it suddenly arises. If you are number 1, you will receive a personal message immediately if the domain name becomes available.

It costs DKK 75 per year to be on the waiting list for a domain name.

Sign up for the waiting list by searching for the desired domain name in the search field below, and you will then be given the opportunity to sign up.

Services for customers

If your domain name is important to you, then you should consider our VID service. VID stands for Very Important Domain name, and with the service you can ensure that you do not delete the domain name by mistake, the domain name is transferred to someone else, or the bill is not paid on time. It is also a good idea to think about security, but DNSSEC. You can read more about that here.