.dk domains

With a .dk domain name, you get your own unique and secure web address. This page is your guide to how to get a .dk domain name and what advantages it has.

Find the perfect domain name

Use the search bar to find out if your desired domain name is available or who is the registrant of a particular domain name.

Du skal vælge et .dk-domæne, fordi det er:

Du skal vælge et .dk-domæne, fordi det er

Why do you have an agreement with us?

We keep track of all .dk domains, which is why you are a customer with us when you have a domain.

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why we ask for your ID

When you register a .dk domain, we ask for an ID. We do this to combat abuse of .dk domains.

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Do you need help with your .dk domain?

Is your .dk domain not working, or would you like to transfer it to another person?

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How to get a .dk domain

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Search and find it

Check if the domain name is available in our whois database. You can also read more about which characters you can use in a .dk domain and how long it must be.

Find .dk domain

How to get a .dk domain

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Register the domain

A registrar is a company that mediates the registration of a domain name to Punktum dk. Sometimes it is also called a web hotel.

Punktum dk's registrars of .dk domains can be seen here.

Find forhandler

How to get a .dk domain

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Complete ID check

Complete the ID check on our online self-service or follow the link we have sent you by email.

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There are close to


.dk domains with special characters (IDN)

In Denmark


of all domains ends with .dk

65 %

of all .dk domains are signed with DNSSEC

At registrere et .dk-domænenavn hos Punktum dk

Worth knowing about registering a domain

Read about who we are and what you should be aware of in relation to having the right to use a .dk domain name.