Data about registrants

We collect information about all registered .dk domains. Some of the information you can find yourself, and others you must request to receive.

Incorrect information

Suspect that a registrant's WHOIS information is inaccurate?

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Find information in whois

Here you will find contact information about the registrant and the domain's creation date.

Search domain
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Release of data not found in the whois database

In order to obtain information that is not found in whois, you must have a legal interest. There is a legal interest when the information, e.g. has a bearing on the outcome of a lawsuit or a compensation claim. Read more.

Information for public authorities

We may hand over information about registrants to a number of public authorities.

If you need to be provided with specific information where you are not a registrant yourself, you must, if you are a public authority, complete this contact form.

Here you can read more about which public authorities we provide information to.

Need information about your own domain?

You can find information about your domain by logging into our self-service. See what you can do if you have forgotten your login details here.

If you need information that is not publicly available, for example about your own history with us, you can ask for them to be handed over. You do this by filling out the contact form here.

Need information about someone else's domain?

If you want information about a domain name that is not yours, it is important that you document a legal interest, otherwise we will not provide information.

There are for example a legal interest when the information is important for the outcome of a lawsuit or a claim for compensation, or whether you can start a case with an appeals authority. Read more.