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How to register a .dk domain

With a .dk domain, you have the opportunity to get a unique and secure web address.

To register a .dk domain name, you must go through a registrar. When the domain name is registered, you have entered into an agreement with us, and you have thereby secured the right to use the name for your web address or e-mail address.

At registrere et .dk-domænenavn hos Punktum dk

Worth knowing about registering a domain

Read about who we are and what you should be aware of in relation to having the right to use a .dk domain name.

How to get a .dk domain

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Search and find it

Check if the domain name is available in our whois database. You can also read more about which characters you can use in a .dk domain and how long it must be.

Find .dk domain

How to get a .dk domain

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Register the domain

A registrar is a company that mediates the registration of a domain name to Punktum dk. Sometimes it is also called a web hotel.

Punktum dk's registrars of .dk domains can be seen here.

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How to get a .dk domain

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Complete ID check

Complete the ID check on our online self-service or follow the link we have sent you by email.

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