Notice on information in WHOIS

The Domain Act requires that Punktum dk's WHOIS database contains accurate information about the name, address, and telephone number of a registrant. If you believe that there is a reasonable suspicion that a registrant's information is not accurate, you may notify us, read more here.

If you have a reasoned suspicion that a registrant's information in the database is not correct, you can send a report to Punktum dk. Your report must contain the following content and form requirements.

In the contact form, you must clearly state:

  •      Your e-mail address,
  •      the domain name whose registrant, in your opinion, is listed with incorrect information in the WHOIS database,
  •      a reason for your suspicion that the information is incorrect, and
  •      Possibly. documentation for your justified suspicion.

You must submit your review to Punktum dk's via our contact form

Any report will be received by Punktum dk, which assesses whether your report is so well-founded that a further investigation should be initiated. You will receive confirmation of your review.

If Punktum dk, after carrying out the aforementioned investigation, cannot establish that the relevant registrant's information about name, address or telephone number is correct, the registrant's domain name will be suspended. This happens before the end of 30 days after Punktum dk received your report. After 30 days from the time of suspension of the domain name, the domain name will be deleted.

This notification system has been established on the basis of Section 15 of the executive order on the internet domain .dk, read the executive order here.