Issues of security or public interest

- point 9.3 of Punktum dk’s Terms and Conditions.

If you discover an illegal action on a dk domain name that has a security or public interest, please contact us to file a complaint. The issue could be sexual abuse of children or terrorist propaganda.


In order for us to be able to use the rule on issues of security or public interest to suspend a .dk domain name, two conditions must be met.

  1. The Domain Name is used in connection with manifestly illegal acts or omissions that infringe substantial considerations of security or public interest, and
  2. the circumstances call for not awaiting a decision from the Complaints Board for Domain Names or the courts.

It is important to note that both conditions must be met before we can suspend the domain name. If both conditions are not met, we do not have the authority to make use of this rule to suspend the domain name. Consequently, this suspension rule cannot be applied based on illegal actions alone.

How do you submit a complaint?

Fill out our contact form.

What do we take into account

When we receive your complaint, we assess whether both conditions for suspension are met. Our assessment is based on the documentation you submit and on our own investigation of the complaint.

Complaints concerning suspension of a .dk domain name based on this suspension rule are settled by DIFO’s board of directors, and strict requirements regarding security and public interest must be met before this rule may be applied. Consequently, this rule cannot be applied if a private individual or private company merely feels inconvenienced by the registration of the domain name in question.

For further details and the exact wording of this suspension rule, see paragraph 9.3 of Punktum dk’s Terms and Conditions. Find our terms and conditions here.