Do you have problems logging in to our self-service?

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If you do not have your password, you can click "Forgot password" and have a temporary password sent to your registered e-mail address.

Remember that you can also log in with your MitID if you have previously connected it with your profile.

If you have not previously connected a MitID, and you cannot receive login information on your current contact email with us, then do the following:

As a company:
You need to make sure that the e-mail address you have provided in the CVR register is updated to an active e-mail to which we can send login information. We must be able to see the e-mail address by public posting on CVR under "Extended company information" at
Afterwards you must call us and inform us that you have updated your e-mail address.

As a private registrant:
You must call our customer service (33 64 60 60) from your specified contact number and have the contact email updated.
If none of the above is an option, you can read more here