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Get safe online – new site helps to spot fraud online

August 23rd 2023

Today we are launching the online tool tjekpånettet.dk, which can help internet users see whether a website is a scam or legitimate.

Denmark is the EU country where the largest percentage of the population experiences fraud on the Internet. 2 out of 3 Danes have been exposed to some form of fraud - the so-called scams. It could be an email, an ad on social media or perhaps a text message with a link. Fraudsters are becoming more and more cunning, and the scams are often difficult to decipher.

That is why we now offer the service tjekpånettet.dk, which should make it easier for all of us to have a safe online experience.

Tjekpånettet is information and help for self-help

Tjekpånettet.dk is a service for all internet users – especially those who do not have a professional IT department to handle security for them.

At tjekpånettet.dk you can check whether a suspicious link is real or not. Imagine you've received a text message with a suspicious link in it. Before you click on the link, you want to double-check whether you're about to walk into a trap set by an online fraudster. Enter it into tjekkpånettet.dk, and you will quickly get an indication of whether you can trust the link, or not.

Try it yourself and test a link here.

Tjekpånettet.dk checks a large number of registers to see if a link or domain name is known for phishing, fraud and the spread of malware. However, one must still remember one's common sense because the results are not a guarantee of safety, but merely to give an indication.

The solution also allows you to report a scam if you want to warn others against falling into a trap.

An escalating and abstract problem

Tjekpånettet.dk comes at a time when the problem of online fraud is getting worse and worse - both here at home and globally. On a global level, it has been established that the number of reported online scams has increased by more than 100% in the period 2019-2021*. And now you even see that the fraudsters have gone from trying to swindle people from small amounts to millions with everything from dating scams to fake investments.

Tjekpånettet.dk must therefore be seen as part of a larger effort to make the Danish part of the internet more secure.

We are launching Tjekpånettet.dk in collaboration with Dansk Industri, EBRAND, Dansk Erhverv, The Council for Digital Security, E-markt, SMEDanmark, IT Relation CDC, It-Brancen, RettighedsAlliancen, Dansk It, PWC, DKCERT, Cybercue, Brandit, Consumer Council TÆNK , Finance Denmark and Danske Advokater.

*) Scam Insights (2021)