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Become a registrar

Here you can read more about how to become a registrar of .dk domains.

Anyone can apply to become a registrar of .dk domains. You simply have to be approved by Punktum dk.

What does it mean to be a registrar?

As a registrar, you are responsible for forwarding an application for .dk domain names to Punktum dk and:

  • Have at least two authoritative name servers that are registered with Punktum dk - either your own or a third party.
  • Offer DNSSEC to all customers with .dk domains. If you cannot do that, you must refer the customer to where they can get DNSSEC on their .dk domain name.
  • Have an IP address so we can whitelist you. All further administration of whitelisting takes place via our registrar portal.

Registrar account information:

  • All registrars must have a registrar account with us, which must be paid in advance to register .dk domain names (prepaid)
  • A registrar fee of DKK 7500.00 ex VAT is paid annually. The amount is paid into the registrar account.
  • Once the payment of the registrar fee has been registered, you will have access to the registrar portal and the other services we offer.
  • Registrars who wish to do so can enter into incentive agreements on registrar management and DNSSEC signing, respectively.

How do you get started?

If you wish to become a registrar, you must contact us by phone or via our contact form below, after which you will receive more information.

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+45 51 27 06 75.

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