Name server manager

A name server administrator is responsible for a name server.

The name server administrator can:

  • Change name servers on domain names
  • View the status of transfers of domain names to your name servers
  • Change the data associated with your name servers.

A name server is a computer that keeps track of domain names and the IP numbers associated with the domain name.

Register name servers

All name servers under a .dk domain must be registered at Punktum dk, and the name server manager must enter into a name server agreement with us.

To obtain approval of name servers, the name server administrator must provide documentation to Punktum dk of the required technical knowledge about DNS functions, including the configuration of domain names on a domain server.

Punktum dk does not provide support with the configuration of name servers.

The application for registration of name servers can be found here. 

Administration of name servers

Application, creation, change and testing of .dk name servers

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