Procedure for checking contact information and identity of an existing registrant resident outside Denmark

Version 2.0, 1. October, 2023

1. About checking contact information and identity

1.1 Punktum dk is obliged to secure correct contact information of those who have registered a .dk domain name (hereinafter “domain name”). This is necessary for Punktum dk to comply with Section 18 of the Danish Domain Names Act, which stipulates that registrants’ contact information in Punktum dk’s database must be accurate and up to date.

1.2 This procedure describes how Punktum dk checks the contact information, such as name, address and email address, and the identity of registrants resident outside Denmark who have already registered a domain name. 

1.3 Punktum dk checks that the information specified in section 1.2 are accurate. Checks are also performed to ensure compliance between the registered contact information and the registrant’s identity. 

2. Risk-based checks, etc.

2.1 Punktum dk may base checks of contact information and identity on a risk-based assessment of the information supplied when the domain name was registered. 

This includes an assessment of whether the contact information may be incorrect if the registrant does not respond to correspondence from Punktum dk. It may also include an assessment of whether the domain name might have certain affiliations to internet crime, since this is a significant indication that the contact information supplied are fake.

2.2 Based on the risk assessment, Punktum dk may ask a registrant to provide documentation of accuracy of contact information as they appear in Punktum dk’s systems and correct identity.

2.3 The new registrant has one opportunity to submit documentation within the given time limit. Based on this, Punktum dk will decide to either approve or reject the documentation.

2.4 Punktum dk will suspend all domain names registered by the registrant if documentation that can be approved by Punktum dk is not received within the time limit set, which means that the registrant will lose the right to use the domain names. After 30 days, Punktum dk deletes the domain names.

2.5 A registrant whose domain name has been suspended because Punktum dk cannot approve the submitted documentation, cf. section 2.2, may within the first 5 days after the date of suspension get one more opportunity to submit documentation for correct contact information and identity. If Punktum dk does not receive documentation which Punktum dk can approve within the time limit set, Punktum dk will delete the registrant’s domain name(s) 30 days after the date of the suspension.

2.6 A registrant who has been given one more opportunity to submit documentation, cf. section 2.5, but has not submitted documentation that Punktum dk can approve, may, while the domain is suspended, still submit new documentation to Punktum dk. This must be submitted by using the contact form on and must be submitted in enough time for Punktum dk to assess the new documentation before expiry of the suspension period and thus before deletion of the domain name.

2.7 The registrant must provide picture ID and legitimate, authoritatively issued documentation of contact information. Documentation must be in Danish or English. Punktum dk provides detailed instructions in the notification accompanying the request for documentation.

This procedure is established pursuant to Section 14 (1) of the Danish Domain Names Act. Punktum dk is obliged to comply with good domain name practice when establishing the procedure, cf. Section 14 (3) of the Domain Names Act.