Terms and conditions for VID service

Version 1.3, 26. April, 2023

1. About VID service on a .dk domain name

1.1 VID (Very Important Domain) is an optional service which a registrant may purchase, and which reduces the registrant’s risk of unintentional and undesired activity on a .dk domain name.

The VID service includes an additional approval procedure for some actions. In addition, Punktum dk will send registrants with VID service an additional warning by registered letter before a domain name is suspended due to non-payment of a domain fee.

1.2 VID service is offered to registrants who have chosen registrant management of their domain name, cf. section 2.1 of Terms and conditions on the right of use to a .dk domain name.

2. Signing up for VID service on a .dk domain name

2.1 The registrant or proxy of the domain name may sign up for VID service. Registrants must sign up on Punktum dk’s self-service portal: https://self-service.punktum.dk/.

3. VID contacts

3.1 A registrant or proxy may appoint at least one and up to three VID contacts for each domain name signed up for VID service. If more than one VID contact is appointed, these have equal status. The registrant and proxy may regularly replace and appoint new VID contacts.
3.2 A VID contact has the authority to approve certain actions relating to the domain name on behalf of the registrant for implementation by Punktum dk. 

4. Approval and implementation of actions

4.1 A registrant of a domain name signed up for VID service may implement the following actions without additional approval:

  • Change of registration period for a domain name
  • Creation of a VID contact
  • Deletion of a VID contact
  • Assigning of a new billing contact or proxy

4.2 A registrant of a domain name signed up for VID service may initiate other actions. However, these cannot be implemented until a VID contact has approved them. This applies to the following actions:        

  • DNSSEC cancellation
  • DNSSEC registration
  • Removal of DNSSEC keys
  • Assigning of DNSSEC keys
  • Publication of DNSSEC keys
  • Manual change of the registrant’s address.

4.3 Some actions relating to the domain name are of crucial importance to the registrant’s right of use and use of the domain name. These actions must initially be approved by a VID contact. Punktum dk then sends a registered letter to the registrant for final approval of the action. It will not be possible for the registrant to approve the action finally until he or she has received the registered letter. This applies to the following actions:

  • External change of name servers
  • Domain name transfers
  • Deletion of a domain name.
  • Cancellation of VID service

5. Payment for VID service

5.1 Punktum dk charges an annual fee for each domain name with VID service.

5.2 If a registrant signs his or her domain name up for VID service during a registration period, Punktum dk charges a fee proportionate to the time between the registration date and the end of the registration period.

The fee for VID service will subsequently be charged for the entire registration period together with the domain fee.

6. Notice of suspension by registered letter

6.1 If a registration period for a domain name is not renewed by payment for a new period, Punktum dk may suspend the domain name. Punktum dk may delete the domain name 30 days after suspension of the domain name if the registration period has still not been renewed. 

Before Punktum dk suspends a domain name due to non-renewal, Punktum dk sends notice to the registrant or his or her billing contact for the domain name. If domain names are signed up for VID service, Punktum dk sends an additional notice by registered letter to the registrant.