We inform when a .dk domain name is being misused

As a measure in our work to strengthen security in the .dk zone, we monitor abuse of .dk domain names. We then inform the registrant of the domain name about the abuse.

We scan all .dk domain names on a daily basis using the Abuse Manager tool, which looks up a number of international registers and tells us on which domain names illegal activity has been reported.

When we are notified that abuse has been reported on a .dk domain, we write to the registrant of the domain name, the registrar and the name server manager. Below you can see the 8 different abuse categories that a domain name can be reportet in.

Category Explanation 
Abuse The domain may be misused. This could be spam, malware, phishing or other online crime. 
Botnet The domain may be involved in a botnet, which is a network of infected machines controlled and used by malicious individuals to carry out cyber attacks. For example, it could be your web server that has been compromised. 
Generated domains 

Domains may have been created in your name and have been used for phishing or other forms of abuse. 

It may be your account with your web and/or domain provider that has been compromised.

Hacked One or more malicious persons may have gained unauthorized access to your domain and/or your web server. Your domain and your website can therefore be misused for online crime.
Malware The domain may have been used to spread malware. Malware is a computervirus that aims to destroy, abuse a system or steal your data. Make sure to removing references (e.g. via links) to malware from your website and change passwords to your IT services.   
Phishing The domain may have been used for phishing, which is, for example, a fake e-mail or text message that tries to extract personal information (e.g. login information), which can then be misused. It could be, that your e-mail addresses associated with the domain have been compromised

The domain may be part of a scam, which is an attempt to trick people into giving up sensitive information. 

Your website might have been compromised or is being used to scam people to steal money or personal information

Spam The domain may be used for spam. Spam is, for example, unwanted e-mails that are sent to many people at once. These can be e-mails that try to steal money or personal information, for example.


What to do?

You should contact your IT administrator, hosting provider/web hotel or registrar if you receive a notification that your domain is involved in abuse. They will be able to help you solve the problem. Punktum dk simply sends a service message about the abuse, and unfortunately we cannot help with anything other than informing. We think it is important that you know about the abuse so that you can act on it.

It is also a good idea to change passwords if your IT services have been compromised. It is always good to change the password to a strong password. We also recommend 2-factor authentication.