How do I change the name server (webhost) for a .dk domain name?

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If you want to change to a different webhotel (name server provider), your domain name must be moved to a different name server.

You must therefore contact your new name server provider, where you can change name servers in one of the following ways:

1. The new registrar gives you the new name servers, so that you can change them yourself on our self-service. In this case, you can follow our instructions below.

2. The new registrar makes the changes for you, and you will receive a request on mail to approve through your login on self-service at Punktum dk.

3. The new registrar asks you to retrieve an authorization code/AUTH-ID code - also called EPP code.

You can retrieve the authorization code through our self-service.

Once you are logged in, you must go to the menu item "Domain names", click directly on your domain name and here you can select "Change name servers" under the section "Manage authorization codes" to the right.


Instructions for adding new name servers through self-service:

Step 1

Find the domain name in the list of your domain names and tap it.

Step 2

Select "Change Name Servers" in the menu on the right under "Manage Domain Name".

Step 3

Enter the name of one of the name servers you wish to switch to. Click on NEXT.

Step 4

Check that the information entered is correct and click CONFIRM.


Is your domain registrar managed?

It is not possible to change nameservers yourself if you are registrar managed. To change registrar, you must retrieve an authorization code through self-service, which you can give to your new registrar.

Through the self-service, you must select "Change registrar" next to your domain name.

You can read more about registrar management here