How do I transfer a domain name?

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You must transfer the domain name if you want to give it to another person.

Please note, that you cannot transfer the domain if there is an unpaid invoice on the domain name. Please pay the invoice and then you can transfer the domain name.

There is a fee of 70.00 DKK to accept the transfer of a domain name and become the new registrant. When you have transferred the domain name you no longer have the right to use it.

Step 1

Choose "Transfer to new registrant" in the drop-down menu in the "Manage" column.
PLEASE NOTE! If you wish to transfer more than one domain name, you can find it under "Manage multiple domain names" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

Enter the e-mail address of the new registrant who is to have the domain and press CONTINUE.

Step 3

Make sure you entered the correct information and press CONFIRM.

The new registrant of the domain names will receive a request by e-mail to accept the transfer. The transfer will not be carried out until the new registrant has accepted and paid.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are only proxy of the domain name the current registrant must confirm the transfer of the domain name before it can be carried out. The current registrant will receive a request by email. Once the current registrant has confirmed that the transfer may be carried out the future registrant will receive an email with a request to accept the transfer. When the future registrant has accepted the transfer it will be carried out.