When can I complain to Punktum dk, the Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names and the police

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There are three specific situations in which Punktum dk is authorised to take a domain name away from a registrant because of use of the domain name. These cases are described in section 9 of the Terms and conditions for the right to use a .dk domain name.

They are 1. Typosquatting, 2. A clear risk of economic crime or phishing/malware, or 3. Clearly illegal actions that violate significant security or public interests.

In all three situations, a number of conditions must be fully met before we are entitled to do anything about a domain name. You can find more detailed information here and read about how to send a complaint to Punktum dk.

Complaints Board for Domain Names

The Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names handles cases where two parties are in dispute about who has most right to a .dk domain name. This means, for example, that you can complain to the Complaints Board if someone has registered a domain name that infringes your name or trademark rights. You can also complain to the Complaints Board for Domain Names if you think a domain name is being used for Domain Name Warehousing or contrary to Good Domain Name Practice.

Furthermore, you can file an appeal with the Complaints Board for Domain Names against decisions made by us.

You can find further complaints guidance and more detailed information here.

The police

The police is the right authority to investigate criminal offences such as fraud or other IT-related crime. This means you must report the offence to the police. You will find further details about how to file a report with the police on the website of the Danish police.